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  1. | Stephen | 1 day ago

    Very compact, made in aluminum (its illuminating power is greatly superior to all the similar flashlights I have previously owned) I am going to buy another one for my wife to keep in her handbag or in the car for safety at night

  1. | John | 1 day ago

    Excellent and very compact! However, I have not received the instruction leaflet…

  1. | Thomas | 1 day ago

    The greatest flashlight I have ever owned! !

  1. | Elaine | 1 day ago

    I have bought one for my father and one for my husband and they loved them! Not knowing anything about this, I bought it on the basis of the reviews, I hesitated, but it is a good product and, especially, the light it gives out is quite incredible! I can recommend it without any hesitation!

  1. | Jack | 1 day ago

    Excellent quality, works beautifully

  1. | Hank | 1 Day Ago

    arrived on time, seems of excellent quality, very good flashlight

  1. | Michelle | 1 Day Ago

    I don't understand some negative reviews… The flashlight I have received is high quality and very bright! I can light my entire courtyard at night!

  1. | Richard | 1 Day Ago

    I love this flashlight!! Very light and compact, I keep it in the car for emergencies. I have tested it at length and the light it gives out is very bright for several hours. I am thinking about buying some more for all my family

  1. | Bruce | 2 Days Ago>

    It is a very good product and is exactly what I need, I love the 5 settings and it is perfect when you break down at night, and for plenty of other situations, I really love this product

  1. | James | 2 Days Ago

    I have just received my flashlight!!! The brightest flashlight I have ever had. It works with an AAA battery and can be easily recharged in an emergency

  1. | David | 2 Days Ago

    I received my order last Friday, I'm completely satisfied with this flashlight… It's undoubtedly the brightest flashlight I have ever had. The stroboscope setting is simply incredible!

  1. | Suzanne | 3 Days Ago

    I've bought 2, one for myself and one for my daughter, I am not particularly afraid of the dark ahah but where I live there are quite a few criminals and I wanted my daughter and I to be equipped… I truly recommend this flashlight to everybody!

  1. | Brianna | 4 Days Ago

    Even better than a floodlight

  1. | Tommy | 4 Days Ago

    a super flashlight at an excellent price

  1. | James | 5 Days Ago

    excellent flashlight with a few accessories! An excellent purchase :) :)

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  1. Descripción

    • Linterna : Diseño Made in USA
    • Diseño de Aluminio de primera Calidad
    • Tecnología LE
    • Potencia : 700 Lúmenes
    • Zoom : x1 hasta x2000
    • 5 Funciones preprogramadas : Elevado, Medio, Bajo, Estróboscopico y S.O.S
  1. Video

  1. ¡ Un manejo excepcional !

    ¡ Una seguridad absoluta !

    ¡ Agentes de seguridad le han probado y aprobado !

    ¡ Una potencia similar a las linternas del US Navy !

¡Liquidación de Stock hoy! Linternas TacticLight 360 en promoción con descuento del 75%*
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